Cold Brew Coffee, in a Can

February 16, 2019
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February 16, 2019 taylor

Cold Brew Coffee, in a Can

Introducing our latest Creation from the CULT Crew!

Cold Brew Coffee in 9.5oz. Cans

This is very exciting for CULT from early reports it sure to become a significant product for our fantastic customer partners.

This product is extraordinary and was months in the testing lab. Why is it great? Check this out:

* Chris craft an exceptional blend of specialty grade coffees to create the perfect flavor
* Our perfectly roasted coffee is then Heat Extracted for the full spectrum of incredible flavors
* The extracted coffee is then Cold Pressed for a smooth and balanced profile
* All of this is done in a 100% oxygen-free environment to ensure you get that pure great coffee taste
* And CULT cold brew coffee is NEVER heat pasteurized therefore the coffee is not cooked a second time

All of this results in a very smooth and balanced yet lively and robust freakishly great can of cold brew.

Great coffee, a proprietary process, and committed coffee professionals make this a launch we are all stoked to be a part.

Join the movement, get CULTivated!