Asbel Garcia

Senior Roaster

About Asbel

 My name is Asbel Garcia and I would like to talk about how I started with CULT Artisan Beverage Company. I originally got hired on by CULT as a tea blender, I spent several years learning the process of blending, flavoring and packaging tea and really had an interest in expanding my knowledge of coffee. I was never really a fan of coffee, but after two years of working at CULT I had my first real cup of coffee and it changed my life forever! It gave me a real expectation of how I envisioned great coffee should taste like. My first cup was a wonderful Guatemalan San Jorge that I can still reminisce about and taste. After many years of tasting different types of coffee I found out what coffees I truly enjoy. The specific name does not always translate into how great a cup can be but rather than what truly goes into the cup by means of origin. My cup a choice today is our Uptown Espresso!

I went on with CULT learning the in’s and out’s of coffee through packaging and blending. I spent many years running the coffee packaging line for CULT and again found myself wanting to learn more. I was introduced into the coffee roasting department at CULT in my 9thyear with the company. The more exposure I had to coffee the more knowledge I craved. The wonderful tastes, stories and passion drove me to dive deeper into the coffee world by starting my own mobile coffee trailer so that I may share what I have grown to love. After many years of training and experience I now am the Senior Roaster for CULT and in my 13thyear with the company. My passion, knowledge and drive make me look forward to what coffee and CULT have for me in the future!