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Head to Fry’s Grocery Stores

CULT is asked every day, “Where do I find your amazing coffee, I am hooked on CULT!”.

Other than the lobby at the CULT World Wide HQ where we sell our retail bags every day, we can now say with great pride that we have 10 of our specialty coffees offered in the Arizona Fry’s grocery stores !!!!!!

Yes, you got that right, we now have an excellent selection of the craft roasted coffee CULT is famous for producing in Fry’s. We source from around the world and only procure the best specialty grade coffee. Our Roast Master (26 years+ roasting) not only selects our strategic green coffee farms, but he also oversees our roasting process to ensure every roast is perfect.

We roast weekly for Fry’s, and you can find our coffee in ALL of the bulk coffee stations that Fry’s offers (about 34 locations). Grab a bag and take it home the whole bean or grind in right there in our grinder at the coffee station!

See the list below of the foreign single origins, custom blends, an organic offering and excellent water processed decaf we have available for you. There is something to satisfy the coffee desires of anybody!

Now we have a great answer for “Where do I get my CULT fix!”, right in your backyard at a local Fry’s Store.

And PS … stay tuned for an announcement soon on a new offering will have available with our bulk whole bean roasted coffees!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cold Brew Coffee, in a Can

Introducing our latest Creation from the CULT Crew!

Cold Brew Coffee in 9.5oz. Cans

This is very exciting for CULT from early reports it sure to become a significant product for our fantastic customer partners.

This product is extraordinary and was months in the testing lab. Why is it great? Check this out:

* Chris craft an exceptional blend of specialty grade coffees to create the perfect flavor
* Our perfectly roasted coffee is then Heat Extracted for the full spectrum of incredible flavors
* The extracted coffee is then Cold Pressed for a smooth and balanced profile
* All of this is done in a 100% oxygen-free environment to ensure you get that pure great coffee taste
* And CULT cold brew coffee is NEVER heat pasteurized therefore the coffee is not cooked a second time

All of this results in a very smooth and balanced yet lively and robust freakishly great can of cold brew.

Great coffee, a proprietary process, and committed coffee professionals make this a launch we are all stoked to be a part.

Join the movement, get CULTivated!

Welcome Gina Dazzo to Team CULT

Coffee Whiz Gina Dazzo has joined our team as the Director of Customer Development, and we are simply delighted to have this coffee addict and 20 year industry veteran on the team!

Here’s a little background on Gina, so you can get to know her better!

In 1998 Gina Dazzo stepped into a new job that would change her life.  Starbucks was just starting to open stores throughout the United States and Gina had heard that it was a great company to join.  She started as a barista, soon was a shift supervisor, then an assistant manager, manager and eventually was hired as District Manager for the licensed stores in northern Arizona.  Her people skills and love for coffee were a natural fit for working at Starbucks.

Although Gina eventually left Starbucks her love for coffee continued as she managed the café in Bookman’s in Flagstaff and Helpings Café when she moved back to Phoenix.

When the opportunity presented itself to join Cult Coffee Roaster, Gina didn’t hesitate.

Joining Cult Coffee Roaster is a natural fit for Gina and she is thrilled to be a part of the Cult team.

Gina moved to Arizona from Chicago when she was 16 and loves to hike, bike, and take photos of the beauty she finds throughout the Southwest.

CULT Coffee Roaster recognized at BJ’s Brewhouse leadership conference

CULT Coffee Roaster recognized at BJ’s Brewhouse leadership conference
CEO accepts Beverage Insights award on behalf of Phoenix tea

PHOENIX (Oct. 11, 2017)—CULT Coffee Roaster was recognized at the BJ’s Brewhouse annual leadership conference in Dallas on September 26. The company received the Beverage Insights award and was named the “most innovative beverage partner.”

CULT Coffee Roaster CEO Hans Schatz accepted the award on behalf of the team in Phoenix.

“We are humbled and proud to be able to stand out with BJ’s amongst their crowded field of great beverage suppliers,” Schatz said, “BJ’s Brewhouse is a leading restaurant chain that embraces innovation and current trends as they relate to creating an amazing experience for their guests. BJ’s was a great and willing collaborator with CULT to design killer teas and botanical beverages that have WOW’ed their customers.”

CULT Coffee Roaster has been a favorite in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix Metro) since 1997. The company prides itself on honoring the vibrant supply chain of farmers that create the coffee beans, as well as carefully preparing them by hand with passion.

Today, CULT employees are back in the Innovation Lab, working on the next round of game-changing custom craft beverages for BJ’s Brewhouse!

About CULT Coffee Roaster: CULT Coffee Roaster provides custom coffee, nitro, tea, botanical and concentrate solutions for businesses of all sizes. CULT understands the coffee industry is ever changing and is driven by craft and artisan experts. Product innovations are unlimited and the depth to which the industry can go is never-ending. The company’s name comes from the culture it has created over the last 20 years; CULT strives to cultivate a belief that artisan workmanship drives efforts to deliver an amazing experience for customers and their consumers.