Andrew Johnson

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About Andrew

Nicknamed for his staggering physique and distinct mental ineptitude, Andrew is perhaps best known as ‘The Herculean Manchild’. (And we are learning Andrew is quite funny and extremely talented as he wrote this intro)

Andrew is a seasoned barista with more than a decade of experience in the artisan beverage industry fueling his passion for specialty coffee. He’s spent his time in coffee shops since he was in middle school and would visit his older sister while she was working, and has never outgrown the atmosphere.

An Arizona native, he loves hiking the local trails and taking long, scenic drives up north with his dog. He’s at home in the desert and is excited to watch the coffee culture in the valley continuously grow larger and better.

Andrew joins the CULT Crew to learn and eventually become the leader of our tea and botanical blending operation. Andrew has an amazing knack for this industry and will be a valuable and treasured member of the CULT Team. We are super thankful to have him on the CULT Crew and look forward to the many contributions he will make.