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Why CULT Has the Best Canned Coffee on the Planet

best cold brew coffee

Is there anything that can’t be canned these days? Canned beverages used to consist of soft drinks and beer, but now you can find everything from sparkling water to juice to coffee. That’s right, canned coffee drinks are real, and they are delicious.


You can get your caffeine fix any time, no waiting in lines for a barista to whip up five or six custom orders before getting to yours. Pick up some canned coffee drinks, keep them in the fridge, and crack one open when you feel the need.


Where can you find this glorious invention? Try your local grocery store for starters! If you’re overwhelmed by the selection and seeking the best canned coffee experience, reach for a CULT Cold Brew Coffee can

About CULT

CULT Artisan Beverage Company is an Arizona-based beverage crafter. We work with partners throughout the food and beverage, hospitality, entertainment, and retail industries to deliver amazing drinks that satisfy and excite.


Our name comes from the unique culture and desire to cultivate positivity throughout the industry. We believe that hard work and quality materials make the best drinks, so that’s how we roll. Part of our commitment includes using sustainable goods and processes to improve our world for future generations.

What is CULT Cold Brew Coffee?

Artisan Beverage Company’s latest creation is the smoothest jolt of caffeine you can get. Strap in, crack one open, and enjoy the complex flavors that come from perfectly roasted coffee beans. 

best canned coffee cold brew cult

Carefully packaged in 9.5-ounce cans, each canned coffee drink is an experience. There’s no need for cream or sugar to temper the bitterness because this cold brew is as smooth as it comes without compromising flavor.

Why Choose CULT Cold Brew?

CULT Cold Brew represents the highest-quality coffee beans carefully selected to create the optimal blend. But, what sets it apart from other canned coffees?

A Clean Brewing Process

After roasting, the beans go through a heat extraction process to lock in a range of flavors that will appease even the most discerning palate. We shift gears and take the extracted coffee through a cold-press process for a smooth, balanced drink to avoid pasteurization. 


Plus, all of this takes place in a 100% oxygen-free environment, meaning you only get the purest coffee taste.

Coffee and Nothing But the Coffee

If you take your drip coffee black, then you probably expect the same from your canned coffee drinks. A lot of other canned coffee drinks add milk or milk alternatives to smooth out the flavor, but CULT Cold Brew is just the coffee. 

Made By Professional Who Love Coffee

Developing the proper process to create CULT Cold Brew wasn’t easy, but we love the result. Our proprietary method stemmed from extensive work by some of the best coffee professionals in the world, and it shows.

CULT Cold Brew vs Competition

Depending on where you live, you might stumble across a range of canned coffee drinks from notable brands, including Starbucks, Rise, and Chameleon. CULT Cold Brew doesn’t use any gimmicks to give you that smooth, refreshing caffeine boost, but many other companies do. Here are some of the alternatives and what they have to offer.

Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Coffee

This canned coffee comes in different flavors, including vanilla, and it’s laced with a double-shot of espresso. Of course, it comes in a 15-ounce can, which is almost as much as a Starbucks Grande coffee. Starbucks does offer other canned and bottled coffee drink options, including flavored versions. 

Rise Coffee 

Rise’s original black cold brew plays it au natural. However, it’s surprisingly acidic for a cold brew. The company also offers flavored varieties, including the mocha latte that’s reminiscent of hot cocoa. Unfortunately, Rise canned coffee drinks only come in 7-ounce cans, which is barely more than a few swallows. 


Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee 

Chameleon is another company offering several options, including black coffee and vanilla coffee. The company established a following with its unique flavor palate and low acidity. However, most of the Chameleon coffees have distinct bitter notes that might be off-putting.


Additionally, Chameleon Cold Brew coffees aren’t canned. They usually come in glass bottles with a twist top, though you can find larger servings in plastic bottles. While the packaging may not be a problem for some situations, it’s not always convenient or safe to carry around a glass bottle or giant plastic carafe.

High Brew Coffee

High Brew Coffee offers a fair range of canned coffee drinks, including flavored coffees and some with non-dairy additives. Of course, High Brew’s claim to fame may be the triple shot espresso. 


Admittedly, if you truly need a wake-up, this 11-ounce can could do the trick. It’s plain, bold coffee with three times as much caffeine as you would get from a cup of regular coffee. That packs a punch, but it might take things a bit too far. Who wants the jitters?

Sail Away Cold Brew

From unsweetened to subtly flavored, Sail Away Coffee Company offers an eclectic selection of canned coffee drinks. One of the most popular options is the Horchata Nitro that features cinnamon undertones. 


These canned coffees represent some high-end beverages despite living in 11.5-ounce cans. If you love your cold brew with body, the Sail Away line leaves a lot to be desired.

La Colombe Cold Brew

The final notable competitor on the list, La Colombe offers a plain black coffee with subtle complexities. Expect a decent body, and it comes in 9-ounce cans. However, it’s a little earthy with strong tea-like notes. If you want iced tea, there are certainly better options available.

Is CULT Cold Brew the Best Canned Coffee?

We think CULT cold brew in a can is the best canned coffee drink on the market because it’s smooth yet robust. It’s also packaged in a can that Goldilocks would approve of – not too large and not too small. 


Only you can decide if CULT Cold Brew in a can is the best, but we think you’ll agree once you give it a try. Look for CULT Cold Brew at a retailer near you, give it a try, and let us know what you think!


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