Why Botanicals Are the Best Healthy Drinks Other Than Water

healthy drinks other than water botanical cult

A hydrated body means a happy and healthy you. While there are hundreds of beverages in the world, most of us immediately think of water when we think of hydration. Water hydrates and also helps transport nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. Also, it keeps our bodies cool, promotes cardiovascular health, stimulates muscles and joints. […]

Natural Electrolyte Drinks: How CULT Botanicals are Changing the Beverage Industry

natural electrolyte drink cult artisan beverage

Hydration during physical activity is crucial for staying healthy. What you hydrate with can make a difference in how you feel. Gatorade and Powerade are common hydrating beverages, but are they the best choice?    Just because the label on your power beverage states it’s good for you doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Electrolytes are […]

CULT Launching Botanical Drink Line Called Botanical Infusions

botanical drink botanical infusions cult artisan beverage company

Whether you’ve worked up a sweat or just want a refreshing drink, you can now enjoy a new beverage providing instant refreshment and extended hydration. CULT Artisan Beverage Company is launching CULT Botanical Infusions – a line of botanical drinks.   These healthy drinks utilize plant-based ingredients to provide a natural, antioxidant-rich, and electrolyte-filled beverage. […]