Hans Schatz


About Hans

Hans has spent his life’s work in the foodservice industry, starting humbly like so many washing dishes and busing tables in high school. He worked his way all the way to a senior leadership position with an almost $3B foodservice corporation.

Hans worked in many positions in his career and was moved many times from a unique market to unique market, always taking on more and greater responsibilities with each move. Through a career that has spanned 30+ years, he has worked with just about every type and kind of foodservice operation known. Hans transitioned from the corporate position and spent some time in the Start-Up world and then landed with CULT Coffee Roaster in June of 2015.

He has a passion for growth and innovation through dynamic customer and supplier relationships, understanding that only by working together in a transparent win-win environment can each partner have sustainable success. Ultimately all of the work comes down to creating evangelists with the consumer with a sincere business model and products that create a craving!