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How to Make Coffee While Camping (The Right Way)

how to make coffee while camping cult

As the season changes and fall rolls in, campsites will soon be filled with adventurers of all kinds. Experienced and novice alike, campers will be flocking to the wilderness for a getaway in the great outdoors. All that’s left to decide is, who’s bringing the coffee?


Camping and coffee go together like peanut butter and jelly. There’s no better way to get up and get going in the morning than a fresh cup of joe enjoyed by the campfire. 


It’s borderline picturesque, and it’s worth taking a minute to discuss how to make coffee while camping – the right way. 

Coffee While Camping

Having the tools to make a good cup of coffee is an incredible asset. Having portable tools is even more valuable. It’s easy to become the favorite friend in the group with a sturdy French press and stainless steel kettle. 


But does anyone really want to haul around all those tools? Heading out for a camping trip can seem overwhelming when the packing list is weighed down by fourteen coffee-related products added to the cooking utensils. So how do we decide what to bring and what to leave?


It’s important to consider how much you want to bring along, how much you want to clean every day, and what sacrifices you’re willing to make for a simpler camping experience. 


If fresh-ground coffee is your go-to thing in the morning, is a coffee grinder on the list? It’s hard to imagine fellow campers will appreciate the sound of a grinder going off every morning.


Are you prepared to dispose of those grounds and clean out various coffee appliances every single morning? Each coffee preparation method comes with a certain amount of clean-up, some ridiculously so. Depending on what you want to take with you, the time constraints of that clean-up could dampen the camping experience.


These are the questions that must be asked before packing up the coolers and heading for the campground. To make life simple, let’s look at some of the most popular ways to make coffee while camping.

How to Make Coffee While Camping

Cowboy Coffee

What happens when you dump coarse-ground coffee in a pot of hot water? You get the classic beverage of choice for those long trail rides. Cowboy coffee is a classic way to get your daily brew, producing flavor strong enough that a horseshoe could stand up in it. Probably.


Cowboy coffee is made when you put coarse coffee grounds in a coffee pot, add cold water, and place it on the hot coals of a crackling fire. Pull it off before it starts boiling, and you’re good to go. Just make sure you let the grounds settle before you pour a cup, or you’ll be guzzling those instead of a smooth cup of coffee.


Cowboy coffee is a tradition unlike any other. Unfortunately, it’s also a bit of a hassle. Granted, you only need your favorite coffee grounds and a good pot. But that’s one more thing to whip up and then clean out every morning before you get your day started. 

The Pour Over

Pour-over coffee is all the rage these days. There seems to be something mesmerizing about watching the hot water filter through the fresh grounds and slowly drip into the mug. On top of the enchanting process, the product is delicious. 


When it’s time to hit the campground, you have to consider the number of tools necessary to create a delicious cup of coffee. Not only do you need the pour-over dripper, but you need filters and, of course, coffee. It can be a lot to drag around with you, especially if you’re camping in the backcountry, and it can quickly become pricey depending on the coffee you like.


An AeroPress coffee maker is a simple tool for everyday life that makes a fine brew. Combining coffee and water in a cylindrical tube, the grounds steep and are then plunged out of the tube into the mug. All things considered, it doesn’t seem that complicated.


If you don’t have an AeroPress already, it probably isn’t worth it to get one just for camping. Even without extra accessories, the tool can be difficult to clean and absorb those precious moments you’d rather spend exploring some trails or relaxing by the tent.

French Press

A French press is a perfect way to impress your friends without trying too hard. It’s a simple way to make a gourmet cup of coffee no matter where you are. 


The French press may seem like the perfect camping buddy, and it’s certainly a viable option. But much like the AeroPress, there are many different parts to clean and take along. Also, it can be a more expensive coffee habit than others and a little more hassle than you might want in the great outdoors.

Espresso Pot

Ah, espresso! The strong, concentrated brew gives you a jolt of energy, unlike anything you’ve experienced before. With an espresso pot that you can heat up on the campfire, you may think that you’ve found the perfect way of perking up before a long day of hitting the trails.


The downside to the espresso pot, however, is that not everyone likes espresso. Some coffee drinkers prefer a more mellow experience with their morning brew, and espresso simply isn’t mellow. A sure way to lose friends is to drag them out into the woods with you and then provide them with coffee that they don’t like.

The Percolator

Like cowboy coffee, the percolator is the seemingly traditional way to go. It sits right on the fire, and it gives off that authentic vibe. It also eliminates the need for a separate heating element for water, which is one less thing to haul.


The percolator creates quite a mess to clean, however, and if it sits too long on the fire, it can make a really nasty pot of coffee. 

CULT Coffee Singles

This brings us to our final option for the best way to make coffee while camping. When you’re on the go, you need something simple and easy. Something that’s straightforward and doesn’t take much effort to whip up in a hurry. 

how to make coffee while camping cult

With CULT’s Coffee Singles, all you need is a cup and a pot for water. Just like steeping a cup of tea, these coffee singles sit in your hot water and turn it into a delicious, energy-giving beverage. Hot or cold, this coffee in a bag system is a simple, affordable, hassle-free way to enjoy coffee while camping.


CULT coffee is made from 100% specialty grade coffee. An artisan blend made from small-batch, hand-roasted arabica beans, they come in compostable packing that’s easy to dispose of no matter where you are.  


Available at any Fry’s across Arizona, these coffee singles make the coffee and camping experience the joy that it should be. 

A Final Word

When you’re getting out and about this camping season, you want to make sure you’re making things easy on yourself. Knowing how to make coffee when camping can be a real luxury. You don’t need to pack the entire kitchen, and you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg making sure you have coffee for the campground. So perk up and get to exploring.


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