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Natural Electrolyte Drinks: How CULT Botanicals are Changing the Beverage Industry

natural electrolyte drink cult artisan beverage

Hydration during physical activity is crucial for staying healthy. What you hydrate with can make a difference in how you feel. Gatorade and Powerade are common hydrating beverages, but are they the best choice? 


Just because the label on your power beverage states it’s good for you doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Electrolytes are necessary—but so are the other ingredients in your drink. 


A natural electrolyte drinks, like the ones from CULT Botanicals, consists of ingredients that nourish your body. 

What Are Electrolytes?

Why do athletes consume sports drinks? They contain electrolytes. To understand why that’s important, it would help to know what they are. 


Electrolytes are minerals with electrical charges that play significant roles in your body:


  • Balance water and pH levels 
  • Transfer nutrients into the cells while eliminating wastes
  • Keep tabs on the brain, nerves, heart, muscles, and other organs
  • Restore muscles after damage


The main electrolytes in your body are potassium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, calcium, and phosphate. They each have a specific purpose. If you are relatively healthy, you can get most of your electrolytes through food and healthy drinks

Electrolyte Imbalances

A healthy body has the perfect balance of minerals. An overabundance of electrolytes can hurt you. That’s why you should only consume an electrolyte beverage when necessary. 


When you lose too much water from your body, such as through sweating, you can develop an imbalance in one or more electrolytes. If your levels get too low, unwanted symptoms can occur, such as muscle cramps or spasms, fatigue, changes in blood pressure or heart rate, weakness, or confusion. 


CULT Botanical drinks with electrolytes contain about 2% of three main minerals (calcium, potassium, and magnesium) in each bottle, so there’s no need to worry about proper replenishment. 


What To Look for In An Electrolyte Drink

The best natural electrolyte drink contains essential minerals and water. That means there should be no artificial ingredients or additives. 

Health Benefits of Electrolyte Drinks

A primary benefit of electrolyte drinks is the overall energy you feel when you replenish your body. When electrolytes are in balance, your energy increases. If you have experienced optimal energy levels before, then you know how it feels. 

Natural Electrolyte and Electrolyte-Infused Drinks Vs. Sports Drinks

To learn how natural drinks with electrolytes differ from sports drinks, think about what’s in them. 

All-Natural Electrolyte Drinks 

An all natural electrolytes drink is what you should be looking for in a hydration supplement. When your body lacks certain minerals, it needs nourishment to get it back to a healthy level. 

Cow’s Milk

Considered a natural electrolyte beverage, cow’s milk contains critical electrolytes your body needs. It is rich in calcium, sodium, and calcium. Macronutrients combine with electrolytes to provide a great nutrition drink after a workout. Cow’s milk may not be a good option for those with lactose intolerance. 

Coconut Water

If you don’t like plain water, coconut water is the next best thing. It contains nearly as many electrolytes as sports drinks, but only 11 grams of sugar. That’s the biggest difference between the two. Plain water doesn’t contain any sugar at all.


natural electrolyte drink cult artisan beverageHere is the breakdown of the daily value (DV) of electrolytes you should find in your coconut water: 4% calcium, 14% magnesium, 13% potassium, and 11% DV of sodium. Except for the sugar it contains, it still hydrates better than plain water.  

Electrolyte-Infused Drinks

Electrolyte-infused drinks contain water, electrolytes, and sugar. They do hydrate but add calories that you don’t need. 

Oral electrolyte drinks, such as Pedialyte, contain more electrolytes than the average sports drink and include zinc to help replenish what the body lost. They may also contain artificial sweeteners in place of sugar. 


As food additives, artificial sweeteners must go through an approval process with the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) before landing on the market. Therefore, they are safe in moderate amounts. Any sweetener you use in moderation should not harm you. 


There have been reports of people developing side effects from artificial sweeteners, such as headaches, weight gain, stomach upset, and other symptoms. With natural electrolyte drinks, fear of this won’t be a problem. That’s why CULT Botanicals created the best refreshing drinks with electrolytes. 

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks, such as Gatorade, have a specific purpose. Athletes depend on them for hydration during sporting events and physical exercise because of their electrolyte content.  However, they contain a lot of sugar–36 grams per 20-ounce bottle. 


Yes, sugar is crucial for maintaining well-balanced glycogen stores in your body, but excessive amounts of sugar can decrease your ability to absorb nutrients. 


Sports drinks come in a variety of flavors, but at what cost? The addition of artificial food dyes gives sports beverages their colors. Why compromise quality for taste? 

The Best Natural Electrolyte Drink

The only replenishing electrolyte drink you can get that is purely natural comes from CULT Botanicals, and we call it Botanical Infusion. What makes our drinks with electrolytes natural and unique is that we don’t add chemicals to them. 


We will give you eight reasons why CULT Botanicals are the best natural electrolyte drinks on the market:


  1. Our drinks with electrolytes are natural, pure, and plant-based. There are no preservatives, additives, or gluten. 
  2. There is no sugar, which adds calories and unwanted pounds. We don’t believe in anything that will harm your body.
  3. They are fat-free, caffeine-free, low cholesterol, low carb, and contain few to no calories. 
  4. The ingredients are keto-friendly and completely natural. The antioxidants in our drinks help to maintain a healthy immune system. 
  5. It can store up to 12 months. 
  6. You can enjoy three delicious flavors: Strawberry Lemon Honeybush, Blackberry Acai, and Pomegranate.
  7. We manufacture our drinks in Arizona under the direction of nutritional experts. 
  8. Your body deserves to be free from impurities. 


That’s all the proof you need to determine that CULT Botanicals make the best natural electrolyte drinks on the market. When it comes to staying healthy, natural is the way to go. Next time you need a boost, grab a CULT Botanical Infusion.


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