Welcome Gina Dazzo to Team CULT

Coffee Whiz Gina Dazzo has joined our team as the Director of Customer Development, and we are simply delighted to have this coffee addict and 20 year industry veteran on the team!

Here’s a little background on Gina, so you can get to know her better!

In 1998 Gina Dazzo stepped into a new job that would change her life.  Starbucks was just starting to open stores throughout the United States and Gina had heard that it was a great company to join.  She started as a barista, soon was a shift supervisor, then an assistant manager, manager and eventually was hired as District Manager for the licensed stores in northern Arizona.  Her people skills and love for coffee were a natural fit for working at Starbucks.

Although Gina eventually left Starbucks her love for coffee continued as she managed the café in Bookman’s in Flagstaff and Helpings Café when she moved back to Phoenix.

When the opportunity presented itself to join Cult Coffee Roaster, Gina didn’t hesitate.

Joining Cult Coffee Roaster is a natural fit for Gina and she is thrilled to be a part of the Cult team.

Gina moved to Arizona from Chicago when she was 16 and loves to hike, bike, and take photos of the beauty she finds throughout the Southwest.


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