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Welcome to CULT Artisan Beverage Company located in Phoenix, Arizona.
We serve all aspects of the incredible foodservice industry to include; restaurants, hotels and resorts, golf courses, theme parks and specialty venues, casinos, coffee shops, college and universities, catering companies, retail grocery operations and convenience stores.

Today’s fast paced epicurean movement and demand for amazing food and beverages drives our core existence. CULT tirelessly works to understand what the consumer wants while standing on the truth of our quality standards and product offerings. That attitude has created fulfilling and meaningful relationships with our clients and transformational results for them with their customers. In short, we are having fun making great products with our dynamic operator partners and creating evangelists with the consumer.

From our roots starting in the Phoenix valley in 1997, to our company today, the ethos of our name is driven from our Culture and desire to Cultivate the industry in a positive way. Having a culture of growth with amazing industry operators and incredible products is what drives CULT Artisan Beverage Company. We believe in the hard work our farmers do to create quality raw materials that we can then harness and transition into fantastic beverages. We also champion the hard work our clients do to take those CULT products and finish the process and create WOW with their customers. It is a beautiful cycle that is sustainable as long as we all work together for that outcome.

"Innovation never stops and quality always matters, we can never lean back on our past but must constantly step forward into our future!"

Hans Schatz, President of CULT Artisan Beverage Company

New Product

You LOVE Coffee, you are on the go, you can’t always stop to grab a cup, and when you do it might not be the experience you are looking for, so depressing!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have amazing specialty grade craft coffee ANYWHERE or ANYTIME, coffee that could pace with your busy on-the-go lifestyle, a coffee that needed no equipment or technical expertise?
Welcome to CULT’s latest coffee adventure, welcome to CULT Coffee Singles !!!
Individual coffee packs that simply need hot water to create the most amazing coffee moment for you, no matter where you are or what you are doing.  Control is now in your hand and you no longer have to settle for the icky liquid that disguises itself as coffee, you can grab your CULT Coffee Singles and have coffee domination!


Place filter in the cup & gradually pour over 8 oz hot water per Steeped Bag.


Dunk the bag for 15 seconds or longer for added strength.


Leave Steeped Bag in the cup or until preferred taste. Drink after 5+ min.


Our Products Lines

Offering a full cache of craft beverages made with strict CULT standards with the best ingredients by our highly seasoned staff.

Coffee cup - cup of coffee

Roasted Coffees

Specialty grade whole bean and portion pack coffees packed in a variety of ways, to include custom and proprietary CULT blends and unique single origins


Blended Teas

Delicate black and green teas and a large selection of naturally flavored teas, packed in portion packs, pyramid sachet hot teas and single serve cups


Botanical Infusions

CULT’s very own natural, caffeine and sugar free brewed beverage line, with over a dozen specialty flavors, packed in portion packs, pyramid sachet hot teas, single serve cups and now available in our nitrogen infused kegs



This is our robust line of Nitrogen Infused keg products to include special coffees and our amazing botanical infusions, as well as a FLAT (not nitro infused) organic cold brew


CULT Specialty Products

This includes our one of a kind Cold Brew Coffee Cans, our Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate in 1-gallon jug, our large offering of single serve cups (coffees, teas and our botanical infusions), our Pyramid Sachet individually wrapped whole leaf hot teas (to include our botanicals), and our very unique Filter Pack in-room and French Press coffee pods



No matter your operation type, CULT has a strategic approach to assist you in being awesome and making evangelist of your customers.

Foodservice Operations

CULT loves to partner with ‘LOCAL’ foodservice operations, (restaurants, coffee shops, hotel/resorts, golf courses, and more) and assist you in creating and crafting your dream outcome. We walk along side of you as you build you business plan or simply go through a product change to share our industry acumen and co-create amazing beverages. We can help with many faucets of your operation to insure that you are set up for success. Our goal is to put you in the best position to channel your passion and provide you with the product line up that can make evangelists out of your customers. We get you into our cupping lab and innovation lab to craft the just right solution to assure you great success. Our team is with you every step of the way and then afterwards as a trusted partner.

Emerging, Regional & National Chains

CULT’s leadership team has deep industry acumen in the foodservice space. We get it and know the tremendous challenges you face in driving customer comps and embracing the Foodie Movement (quality over quantity, regional over national, clean and transparent visibility). Our mission is to ingest your vision and then help you build the perfect solution with your brewed beverage offerings. Strategic co-creation of specialty products is one of our strengths, we are small enough to make it ALL ABOUT YOU, and big enough to execute across the entire United States. Let’s talk strategy and desired outcomes for your concept, then once in our Innovation Lab we can make some magic together.


CULT never stops innovating and creating. We push ourselves with new ingredients for our teas and botanicals while constantly developing new relationships for our coffee sourcing. We also push our own envelope with product line extensions, which is reflected in our current offering of the specialty coffees we roast and new exciting teas and botanicals we produce. And not to be outdone by our fast paced industry, we are launching new keg coffees and botanical infusions regularly and we recently launched an amazing cold brew coffee in a can (the FIRST Arizona company to do so). We can create with you and craft the Just Right product to WOW your guests.

Our Team


See our amazing group of industry professionals that make up a part of the famous CULT Crew.


Hans Schatz

CEO / President

Rick DSC_0094

Rick Grayson



Christopher Marsitto

Vice President of Beverage Operations

Chris N DSC_0090

Chris Nichols

Vice President, National Sales

Sergio DSC_0748

Sergio Velasquez

Vice President of Operations


Lonnie Schatz

Director of Sales


Asbel Garcia

Senior Roaster


David McVicker

Expert Roaster


Dana Rasmussen-Jenness

Director of Administration


Jon Bruss

Production Manager

Kacie DSC_0283

Kacie Clark

Customer Service Manager

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CULT craft roasts our coffees in small batches and hand blends our teas and botanicals. Our production team has over a 10-year tenure creating the amazing products that come out of our facility.


Lbs. of Coffee Roasted since 1997


Lbs. of Teas & Botanicals Blended in 2018


US States Serving CULT


Number of Owners

Our Team

Who We Serve

CULT is honored to partner with so many fantastic and unique operators, they put the final touches on the craft products that we produce and make magic happen with their guests.

CULT Artisan Beverage Company partners with and serves many segments of the industry to include restaurants, hotels and resorts, coffee houses and coffee kiosks, coffee roasters, food trucks, catering and business dining, college and universities, grocery chains and c-stores, and specialty venues. We have legacy clients we have serviced continually for almost 20 years, along with many that have partnered with us recently. Our customers range from large national chains to regional power players to operators in our beloved Arizona. We are extremely proud to serve such an amazing and diverse group of local, regional and national companies.



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