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Why Botanicals Are the Best Healthy Drinks Other Than Water

healthy drinks other than water botanical cult

A hydrated body means a happy and healthy you. While there are hundreds of beverages in the world, most of us immediately think of water when we think of hydration. Water hydrates and also helps transport nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. Also, it keeps our bodies cool, promotes cardiovascular health, stimulates muscles and joints. The list of benefits is endless. 


However, what are some healthy drinks other than water?


There’s no question that water is an essential beverage we need to stay hydrated and function properly, but sometimes drinking plain water can get boring. Many people can’t stand drinking water because, well, it’s dull. That’s why many people opt for other beverages, but they’re dehydrated.


If you hate drinking water or are looking for some hydrating alternatives, botanicals may be for you. These delicious drinks are one of the most healthy alternatives to water that you can drink. If you’ve never heard of botanicals, aren’t sure what they are, or why they’re a healthy alternative to drinking water, we’ve got the answer for you. 

What Are Botanicals?

Botanicals are dried, or fresh plants or plant parts sought for medicinal, therapeutic, scent, or flavorful properties. Botanicals can be herbs, flowers, fruits, and other plants. Overall, botanicals are made by extracting flavors from fruit to give that sweet taste naturally. 


People can use them in drinks and food, but also for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. When used for medicinal, therapeutic, or health-building purposes, products made using botanicals are often referred to as herbal or botanical products.

healthy drinks other than water botanical cult

Drinks obtained from botanicals are healthy doctor recommended beverages, providing several health benefits. 


With more and more healthcare professionals backing botanicals, it’s no wonder there’s been a growing trend of botanicals and botanical-infused drinks as a healthy alternative to drinking water. 

How Are Botanicals Made?

Botanicals are made from various plants, but how? To get what we call botanicals from plants, they need to be soaked in a solvent. 


How everyone extracts the botanicals from the plants may vary, but generally, it will soak in a combination of water, ethanol, and other solvents. What’s extracted can be used in beverages to add a subtle but delicious taste to boring water. 


You’ll see several botanical drinks that are flavored with lemon, mint, lavender, and almost everything imaginable.

What’s Behind the Growing Popularity of Botanicals?

Botanicals have been around since as early as A.D. 150. While they’ve been around for centuries, botanicals have reasonably recently started growing in popularity in the beverage world within the last few years. Since 2019 the demand for function-focused, holistic medicine and premium ingredients has risen. 


More and more people are seeing the benefits of using botanicals as a natural approach to wellness. This extends to hydrating beverages that you can drink instead of water. Botanicals are entirely natural, which is why they make the perfect and best alternative to drinking water. 


If you’ve been skeptical about trying botanicals as an alternative to drinking water, that’s normal. There’s more and more research being done on their benefits, but the main benefits are clear. You don’t need to worry about any artificial flavors, dyes, and ingredients with botanicals. 


These drinks are the closest you can get to drinking water without actually drinking any water. You can get all the health benefits from botanicals that you would from traditional water. This fact alone makes it incredibly popular with people who dislike drinking a lot of water. 


More and more companies are experimenting in botanical drinks, including CULT beverage company. While experienced in selling delicious coffee, botanical infused drinks are the latest venture.

Why Botanicals the Best Healthy Drink Besides Water

So, what makes CULT botanical infusions one of the best healthy drinks other than water? There are several reasons why you should add these doctor recommended beverages to your diet, even if it’s only on occasion. 

1: They Have Zero or Are Low Calorie 

One of the main things that makes water so good for us is that it has no calories. You can drink as much as you want without having to worry about overconsumption of calories. 


Most botanical beverages have zero calories like water, but some alternate water options healthy for the body may have a small amount. Even if the drink has calories, you can expect it to be under ten calories per serving. 

2: They Contain no Sugar

An ingredient in many beverages that can dehydrate you is sugars, natural or artificial. That is why one of the most hydrating drinks is water, and sports drinks are misleading. These tend to have a lot of sugar, which does the opposite of hydrating you, as the bottles say. 


But, people like the taste of sports drinks, which is why they choose them. With botanicals, you get the delicious flavor you’re seeking without all the unnecessary sugar in other beverages. 

3: They’re Vegan and Naturally Gluten-Free

Botanicals are vegan and gluten-free. While you may not be overly concerned with this if you’re not gluten intolerant or vegan, this makes it a great alternative to water. 


Since water is also naturally gluten-free and vegan, it’s a drink everyone can enjoy, regardless of dietary restrictions. 

4: They Contain no Fat or Cholesterol 

Almost all other beverages have some cholesterol or fat. Botanicals have neither, just like water. You can consume these hydrating beverages repeatedly without adding extra fat or cholesterol into your diet. It can be challenging to find healthy water alternatives that resemble water as closely as botanicals. 

5: There Are no Preservatives

Research has shown that some preservatives used in our food and drinks are harmful to our health. Some studies show that preservatives may be linked to certain cancers and other chronic health conditions. Botanicals don’t have any preservatives in them, so they’re perfectly safe and healthy for you. 

Final Thoughts

If you struggle to drink the recommended eight to 12 cups of water a day because drinking water repulses you, botanicals may be worth a shot. CULT strives to provide customers with the beverages they need, including healthy water alternatives.


These healthy water alternatives have plenty of vitamins and minerals, they’re zero or low-calorie, and they’ll keep you hydrated while tasting amazing.


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